The buys and sales of the products offered at the command (Onwards the Web), will govern for the following general conditions of contracting, that the user accepts at buying some product of the web tracking the procedure of purchase of this. These general conditions of purchase are in force for all the products offered at the web, being able to modify without prior notice, not affecting the already realised purchases. The conditions of contracting and the procedure of purchase are drafted at Spanish.


The purchase of the products offered at THE WEB, realises by means of the selection of the products elected, which will include at the basket of purchase, a time concluded the selection will continue the purchase, proceeding at it emplenament of the personal data for the emission of the bill and the data of the form of payment to effect the payment of the products. Accepting finally the request and after the confirmation of the payment, will proceed at serving the merchandise at the terms agreed at these conditions of generals.

The process detailed is the following:

Select an article – Detail of the request

To find an article can utilise the menus of navigation. By means of them accesses at the different classifications and groupings of products. Also it can utilise the seeker situated at the superior zone; the result of the search will show the available articles at function of the data introduced.

A time found the article, can magnify the information pressing on his name or envelope his image. In this way it accesses at the chip of product, that has of the characteristics detailed of this, promotions applied.

Transact the requested – Identification of the User

Is very simple. Only it is necessary to incorporate the product at the basket pressing on the button “Append at the reel”. A time at the basket, can continue buying other articles or transact the request with the products included pressing the button situated at the right superior zone “My reel” and later “Continue with the Purchase”.

A screen uses to him will bid his clef of User and password. If already it is proprietary customer, only will have to introduce these data.

If still it is not it and desires to register, has to fill the data that appear at the form of registry, and obtain like this a clef of User and a password that will serve him for the successive transactions that realise at our web.

It will be able to acquire products, get information on offers and promotions, meet the situation of his requests... At his chip of customer will stay registered his personal data, thus it will not be necessary that return at filling them at posterior purchases.

The buyer will be able to modify the products selected like the number of these, the personal data and of payment filled, retreating at the procedure of purchase of the website, before the definite acceptance of the purchase.

Select the form of payment and sending

At the following not is necessary to fix the type of installment (complete or partial), designate a manager of the request, establish the collection (personal at shop or with ports), if it is direct at final customer, and the form of payment (card, paypal, transfer or income at account). A time assure us that all the information required is filled and is correct, prick at the button “Confirm request” at the right inferior part of the page

Confirm the data

Shows a digest of the request and the data of the chip of customer, to revise if the address of sending is correct, and accept the conditions of sale.

A time accepted, will proceed at finalising the processing of the request pressing at the button situated at the right inferior zone “Route request”.

Finally, a page will confirm the correct processing of the request, and will show the number of this, as well as a digest of the products acquired.

The process of purchase has ended

A time realised the purchase, will confirm this by means of the registry at the website of the purchase realised, being able to the buyer, anytime, print the form of request, together with the conditions of purchase.

How meet the ongoing situation of the request and historic of requests.

Can meet the situation of a request at course or consult the requests realised with anteriority by means of the access situated at the superior zone of the page, “My Compte”- “Been of my requests”

A time introduced the data identificatives, will show information detailed of the last requests realised at our web, the date of purchase, the situation of the requests at course, the requests to confirm, the composition detailed of these, among others


All the requests that find in stock permanent and are realised before the 14.00 hours will be issued the same day and drawees at 24-48 hours, previous confirmation of the conformal payment at what establishes at the averted FORM OF PAYMENT

The requests realised the Friday from the 14.00 hours, will be issued the following Monday

If one of our products does not find in stock but our supplier has it available, muck an urgent request to be able to hand it at 48/72 hours

Installment at 8 at 10 days, if his product needs a term of special installment for part of our supplier

The ports are at charge of the customer

The ports will be free from 89€ VAT included, and establishes a flat tariff of ports for requests the weight of which is inferior at 15 #kg of the following form:

Iberian Peninsula. They will include at bill the quantity of 5.90€ . Prices without VAT

Other destinations. For these sendings will study each particular case and will inform of the costs of the processing of the request


The prices of the products offered at THE WEB are signified at euros (€), and do not include the Tax on the value appended (VAT)

FORM OF PAYMENT Only will admit the payment by means of credit card (issued by Spanish banks), system of payment Paypal, income at account or for banking transfer at the following account numbers:



At the case that the payment realise for banking transfer or for income at account, the term of installment will not commence at computing until confirmed the transfer or income realised


The customer will be able to uses to bid the devolution of the products bought at the website, at the cases permitted by the valid legislation communicating such circumstance through the e-mail, at the maximum term of 14 days since the date of bill of purchase

To give validity at a devolution establish some previous conditions:

The product will have to be at perfect conditions, at his original packaging and with the manuals, accessories or promotional gifts included if escau. A time got the merchandise at our warehouses, and previous comprovació of the state of this, will proceed at the reintegrament of his conformal amount at the modality of payment realised by the customer (at the payments at cash, the reintegrament of the amount realises by means of cheque). At case of devolution, the expenses of sending will not be reemborsats

In any case, it will admit the devolution of the defective products and erroneous sendings, being Rife Online Distributions, SL who will do charge of the expenses of sending always that the customer communicate this circumstance at the maximum term of seven days counted since the date of reception of the sending


All the products exit revised and without bumps. If you detects at getting a request that this is smashed or hit, has to let proof at the carrier, if a time revised the product was not at conditions, has to pose at contact before 24h with Klever Software and Systems, SL (

At the case of not warning at a term of 24h, Rife Online Distributions, SL (, will not assume any responsibility, since would be breaching the norms of the Insurance Companies of the Transport


To transact a defective product, will have to pose at contact with the department of put-sale of On the telephone 977237715 or for email This department will signify him the form to transact the guarantee of the product.

They do not include the deficiencies ocasionades for negligences, bumps, use or undue manipulations, tension no ideal, incorrect instaling no effected for the Technical Service authorised where appropriate, or materials subjected at wear for his normal use

The guarantee will not coat the elimination of virus, restoration of programs for this motive or it reinstatement of the disk provoked by the erased of this

At those incidences that justify the use of the guarantee, will opt for the reparation, substitution of the article, discount or devolution, at the legally established terms

The guarantee will miss his value:

- If they modify, alter or substitute any of the data of the same or of the proof of purchase

- If it manipulates or repairs so much the number identificatiu like the own machine guaranteed without ken of the Technical Service

- Si manca de la signatura o segell de l'establiment.

- If lack of the signature or seal of the establishment.

To do effective the guarantee contact with us at the telephone 977 323 552 or route us an email at the following address


The products offered, and the prices of these, will be available for his purchase while they find at the catalogue of products visualised by means of the WEB Reserves the right to modify the prices without prior notice, at the case to exist a change for part of the fabricador implied or for ending of existences. This review or modification of prices will communicate at the customer at the moment of the processing of the request


The buyer, for any circumstance or question that arose him on the procedure of purchase, installment of the products or visualisation of the archives bought, will be able to pose at contact with the seller by means of the sending of an e-mail, signifying the motive of this, at the address:


The agreements celebrated by means of the WEB will boast celebrated at the domicile of the buyer at the case that this was a particular. For the cases at what the buyer was a company, the agreements will boast celebrated at the domicile of Rife Online Distributions, SL


For the resolution of how many questions derive of these conditions, the contracting subject at the jurisdiction and competence of the Courts and Tribunals of the domicile of the buyer at the case that this was a consumer, or of the domicile of the seller at the case at what this was a juridical entity

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